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Ben McAdoo beginning to put his own stamp on New York Giants

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Let's look at some of the changes we are hearing about, and seeing.

Ben McAdoo at the NFL Scouting Combine
Ben McAdoo at the NFL Scouting Combine
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ben McAdoo spoke with reporters for more than an hour Wednesday during an informal breakfast at the NFL owners meetings. Having had a chance now to listen to and digest the entirety of McAdoo's remarks (thank you, Giants PR department!) it is obvious that McAdoo is comfortable in his new role as head coach, confident, and determined to do the job his way.

"When you get your hands on an opportunity you want to to attack it. You don't want to take this opportunity not to lose it. You want to take it and attack it. That's what put you in the chair, and that's how we're gonna go about it," the 38-year-old McAdoo said Wednesday, seated at a table with a handful of reporters.

"When I got hired we spoke about evolution, not revolution, and we've made some changes recently. If it's working and we've had success with it I don't think you need to kick it to the curb. But we do need to tweak some things and make some adjustments, and we'll do that."

Since the first time McAdoo spoke to reporters after being hired as the offensive coordinator it was obvious that he was confident in his ability, maybe even a little cocky. That confidence is certainly part of what got him the head-coaching job. Perhaps it will serve him well as he tries to revive a team that has suffered three straight losing seasons and as he continues to deal with the shadow of a former head coach who insists on still hanging around the Quest Diagnostics Training Center a couple of days each week.

Slowly, as we get closer to the arrival of players for the beginning of the offseason conditioning program on April 11, we are beginning to see and hear about some of the changes McAdoo will implement in 2016.

We learned earlier in the week that the Giants would have a new-look weight room. On Wednesday, McAdoo expanded on the reasons for that."We wanted to be a little more forward-thinking down there ... Little bit more movement-based, little more stick and move, like you play the game. Gonna reflect the way we practice as well, with that mentality," McAdoo said.

"We want to hit the ground running when we step into the weight room, when we step onto the field. ... Little more tempo to everything we do."

McAdoo also said the practice schedule will change. During the season players will be off the day after games, which differs from the Tom Coughlin era. Practices will end at the same time each day, but will begin at varying times to reflect "the workload that we're going to have that day."

While not saying it directly, it is apparent that the changes are aimed at attempting to combat the league-leading number of injuries that have crippled Giants' teams in recent seasons.

"When you look at injuries I don't think you can look at one area, just point your finger at one area," McAdoo said. "We're gonna take a look at a variety of areas, whether it's the way we practice, how we practice, the intensities, the loads that we use there, the duration of practices. Take a look at the weight room. Nutrition will play a factor. Sleep is huge. We're gonna take a look at everything."

Another change that is apparent is that McAdoo is a little more fan-friendly than Coughlin. He did a Q&A answering fan questions during the NFL Scouting Combine. Asked Wednesday about access to assistant coaches, he said media would have more than was granted during the Coughlin era, and referenced the fans as part of the reason.

"I think access for assistant coaches is important," McAdoo said. "It gives them an opportunity to grow. It gives them an opportunity to echo your message and gives an opportunity for the fans to get access to our team and to our program that they wouldn't otherwise have."

After a season in which the Giants suffered a number of crushing late-game meltdowns McAdoo will change how the Giants prepare for those situations by forming a game management team to discuss those scenarios.

"We're going to have a game management team, so to speak. We're going to meet, as we iron it out, it's either going to be on Saturday mornings or Friday afternoons, depending on the schedule, and make sure we're on the same page going into the game, and we're seeing the same things as the game develops," McAdoo said.

As an aside, one other thing that is also changing is McAdoo's suit game. The coach was the subject of Internet memes after wearing an ill-fitting suit to his introductory press conference. He has, however, upped his game. He was, of course, asked who was helping him with his upgraded wardrobe these days.

"Van Heusen, they've been taking care of me. They'll do a great job, they're good people to work with," McAdoo said. "Also, I've been playing phone tag with (Michael) Strahan. We're going to get on the same page here. Obviously, Victor (Cruz), he's a guy...that's the thing, we have a great locker room. Communication goes both ways. I'm not sensitive. If they have something that can help me, bring it on. Victor's a guy that definitely wants to help me out in that regard. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. My wardrobe - I'm a work in progress."

A coach poking fun at himself? Talking about his clothes? Talking about being fan-friendly? Yep, times are changing with the Giants.

Who knows whether any of the changes will lead to results on the field. It is interesting, however, to begin to get glimpses of the differences we will see with McAdoo in charge. It is also a good sign that he determined to do the job his way.