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2016 NFL Free Agency -- Rueben Randle signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

The Giant's 2012 second round pick has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Throughout the first two weeks of the 2016 NFL free agency period, former New York Giants' receiver Rueben Randle's name was surprisingly quiet.

That changed Wednesday afternoon when it was announced that Randle signed a one-year contract with the Giants' division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.

A former second round pick, Randle was considered one of the top receivers on the market. The Giants, however, seemed to express exactly no interest in re-signing their number two receiver. Throughout his time in New York, Randle flashed brilliance while also showing maddening inconsistencies in technique, route running, and effort. It seemed as though whenever Eli Manning threw an interception the last three years, it was intended for Randle -- and there may not be much hyperbole in that statement.

Ultimately, it seemed as though the Giants had had enough of Randle's inconsistency and attitude and were more than happy enough to let him sign anywhere else. Now Randle will follow in the footsteps of Steve Smith and Kenny Phillips while the Giants find a new running mate for Odell Beckham Jr.