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NFL news: Prince Amukamara's injury history doesn't concern Jacksonville Jaguars

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Let's tour SB Nation's football sites to see what is going on around the NFL.

Prince Amukamara
Prince Amukamara
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Injuries were a big part of the reason the New York Giants passed on re-signing 2011 first-round pick Prince Amukamara this offseason, instead showering Janoris Jenkins with a five-year, $62.5 million contract ($28.8 million guaranteed). Amukamara ended up with a one-year, $5.5 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars don't appear to be worried about Amukamara's lengthy injury history.

"He's a guy that we've normally shied away from in terms of the injury history but his injuries haven't been reoccurring," Caldwell told reporters at the NFL owner's meeting on Monday. "They've all been different injuries at points in time of his career; kind of a little freakish to some degree. He just feels like it's a prove-it deal for him and he's motivated to play well and the risk for us wasn't a high risk for a one-year deal."

Precisely. The Giants could not make an expensive, long-term commitment to Amukamara after 25 missed games in five years. The Jaguars could easily make a one-year commitment to a talented former first-round pick.

Now, let's go touring SB Nation and find out what else the other fine football writers around these parts are talking about.


Alfred Morris signs with Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys hope they have the running back they were lacking last season now that they have signed former Washington Redskins back Alfred Morris. The folks at Blogging the Boys are happy to have Morris on a two-year deal.

Morris is considered a perfect scheme fit for the zone blocking scheme that Dallas prefers although the Dallas' offensive line showed they can master any scheme really. Morris sees the hole and hits it with great vision and balance. He's also got that home run mentality as Cowboys fans are all too aware of. Dallas needed more depth at running back and Morris could compete for the starting gig right away if asked to. In only four years in the NFL, Morris has almost 5,000 rushing yards, 29 touchdowns and a 4.4 yard per carry average. Not bad for the Cowboys to grab a player that has often had success against them, especially when you can take him from a team you see twice each year.

Over at Hogs Haven, it seems like folks aren't ready to bridge-jump over losing Morris to a division rival.

More Headlines

Some pundits believe the Philadelphia Eagles should draft Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott with the eighth overall selection. At least one writer at Bleeding Green Nation disagrees.

In 2016 whoever the Eagles draft may not be the right choice, no draft pick is certain. But not drafting Ezekiel Elliott will be the right choice, no matter who they take.

That's no knock against Elliott. He'll probably be a really good player. But running backs today are not worth first round draft picks, no matter how good they are. The NFL is continuing it's trend of more passing nearly every year, because passing the ball is much more efficient.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston could be sidelined for as much as a year following February knee surgery. Arrowhead Pride has full coverage.

Turf Show Times says the Los Angeles Rams have chosen "the right path to follow" by being quiet in free agency.

Dawgs By Nature discusses the Cleveland Browns interest in Robert Griffin III.

Baltimore Beatdown offers an excellent memorial to Tray Walker.

Cincy Jungle notes that Reggie Nelson, a player many Giants fans would still like to see end up in New York, is drawing interest from the Tennessee Titans.

Is Rex Ryan learning to quiet down? Former Buffalo Bills great Thurman Thomas thinks so.

"When you bring in a coach like Rex Ryan, I think at the end of the season, he learned to [be] like, 'I can't be saying a lot more stuff. I can't be saying stuff like I did in the past. I got to really go out and prove that I'm worthy of being a head football coach in the National Football League,'" Thomas said, via ESPN. "So I think this year, coming into it, you're going to see a different Rex Ryan. I think that's gonna be a shocker to a lot of different people around the country.

"But I think he's learned his lesson. You have to perform on the field. And when you talk as much as he did last year, and the performance wasn't there, a lot of people are going to doubt, ‘Are you the right coach for the Buffalo Bills?' And I think now, he's into his second year, I expect him to go to the playoffs. But we'll wait and see on that."