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Live mock: WR Michael Thomas third-round choice for Giants

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Thomas joins Ronnie Stanley, Jaylon Smith as selections for Giants in three-round mock using your votes.

Michael Thomas at the Combine
Michael Thomas at the Combine
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Our three-round live mock for the New York Giants has concluded, with voters in our poll selecting Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas for the Giants in the third round. There were 339 votes for the third-round selection, with Thomas getting 176 of them (52 percent).

Voters selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley in Round 1, 10th overall. In Round 2, our voters rolled the dice and selected injured Fighting Irish linebacker Jaylon Smith, banking on his long-term potential. The third-round selection of Thomas potentially gives the Giants a much-needed wide receiver.

I think we can all recognize that there are oddities in running a simulation like this, and in relying on one subjective big board. Still, the process allows us to make selections in something other than an "I want this guy in this round no matter what" vacuum.

How would you feel about a Stanley-Smith-Thomas haul, Giants fans?