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Live mock: BBV gambles on LB Jaylon Smith in Round 2

Let's see what happens with the final selection in our live mock.

Jaylon Smith
Jaylon Smith
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants fans, at least 135 of the 475 (28 percent) who voted in our poll asking who to choose in the second round of our Fanspeak live mock, are apparently in a gambling frame of mind. Those fans voted to make Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith, who will likely miss the 2016 season and who's NFL future is in doubt because of a serious knee injury, in the second round.

Smith narrowly edged out his teammate, wide receiver Will Fuller, who got 22 percent (106 votes). That means BBV readers have chosen members of the Fighting Irish with each of the first two picks.

The first selection in our Fanspeak simulator mock draft for the New York Giants was Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. He received 41 percent (428) of the 1,048 votes cast. so, the Big Blue View community nabs an offensive tackle to bookend with Ereck Flowers.

Selecting Smith is a huge roll of the dice. Prior to his knee injury, Smith was considered a likely top five pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Now? No one is certain what his future holds. He could resume his career and become a great player. He could play and be hampered by the injury for his entire career. He could possibly never play a down in the NFL.

Now, vote for the final selection. Your third-round choices are in the poll below. You will have about a half-hour to vote.