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Will the New York Giants move Justin Pugh back to right tackle?

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It's time once again to answer your questions.

Justin Pugh
Justin Pugh
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Free agency has slowed to a trickle with pretty much all of the big targets having found new teams. The 2016 NFL Draft is still more than a month away. The New York Giants still have many question marks, and you have many questions about the Giants. So, let's open up the Big Blue View mailbag and discuss those questions.

Matt Agne asks: While the OT market has dried up there are still some solid guards available. Would a guy like 28 year old Louis Vasquez intrigue the Giants enough to bring him in and shift Pugh back to RT?

Ed says: Thanks, Matt! The Pugh back to right tackle question comes up a lot. Pugh could play right tackle, but I think if that's where the Giants wanted him they would have left him there. I think they believe he is better at guard, and I think they are correct in that belief. Vasquez is a guy who is intriguing, but I believe the Giants will leave Pugh at guard, give Bobby Hart, let John Jerry and Bobby Hart compete for the other guard spot, and continue to look for a right tackle via either free agency or the draft. It could happen. I just don't think it's what the Giants would really prefer to do.

John Calderon asks: With the Giants passing up some viable FS options in free agency do you think they are all in with the current batch FS's on the roster? Or do you think they'll add another mid to late round FS to this roster in the draft?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, John! I don't know if I would say "all-in" with the young guys, but it certainly seems like they never really had any intention of spending big money on a free safety. I still believe they will add a veteran, but it certainly does look like they want to give Nat Berhe, Mykkele Thompson, and Bennett Jackson an opportunity.

Alex Szypulski asks: Do you think the Giants will go offense or defense with the 10th overall pick? Or should they maybe look to move up or down?

Ed says: Thanks, Alex! In all honesty, I think they could do either. I don't believe that free agency has taken anything out of play when it comes to the draft. As for trading down, it's an approach I always advocate. If there are, say, six or eight guys you would be happy with at a spot rather than one guy you "love" then trade down and add another pick.

Michael Martinez asks: Do you think Reese would find a stud TE in the draft? Do you think we need one?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Michael! The Giants will take stud players at any position. They could use upgrades everywhere, with the exception of quarterback. That said, I really don't believe tight end is a high priority. They like Will Tye and expect Larry Donnell back. They are also high on young Matt LaCosse. Plus, it seems like guys who could fill the blocking tight end role always manage to shake loose somewhere around the beginning of the season.

Andy Holtorf asks: It was reported Reese went to Georgia's pro day. May have some interest in Floyd. I don't get it/see him as a prospect at all however does this point to Reese possibly trading back, taking Floyd and getting another 2round or 3round pick?

Ed says: Thanks, Andy! We have written a lot about Leonard Floyd recently. Our draft guy, Chris Pflum, loves him for the Giants. Talent evaluators I spoke with aren't so sure. As I said above, trading down is a philosophy I endorse. The New England Patriots are masters at trading down, collecting more picks than they can use, then using those picks to either move up and get a  guy they are targeting in the draft, or adding a veteran piece. That's how they just got Martellus Bennett. To me, the 10th spot this year is a little awkward for the Giants and sets up as a spot where trading down might make sense.

Kenny Pinch Jr. asks: Well the Giants move up to get the best linebacker in the drift myles Jack

Ed says: Thanks, Kenny! I think Jack would be a great pick for the Giants, but no I don't see them trading up. They need more than one player to rebuild their roster, and they need more draft picks, not less. They can't afford to give them up.

Alex Irizarry Jr. asks: Should the Giants draft a defensive lineman or no given the fact they solidified their starters?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Alex! As I said above, I don't believe that free agency has taken any position off the board for the Giants. Specifically in terms of defensive line, let's look at both spots. At end, they have Jason Pierre-Paul on a one-year deal, Olivier Vernon, and really don't know yet what they have in Owa Odighizuwa. It would be wise to draft a defensive end to help the rotation in 2016 and be a hedge against Pierre-Paul being gone after next season. At tackle, you have Damon Harrison and Johnathan Hankins, and Hankins can be a free agent after the season. Jay Bromley is still a question mark. So, yes, adding a defensive tackle early in the draft would be a good idea.