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2016 NFL free agency: Russell Okung signs with the Denver Broncos

The former Seahawk signed with the Denver Broncos, the Giants will have to keep looking for a right tackle.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

If the New York Giants were counting on their ability to lure Russell Okung to the Big Apple -- well, as close a property taxes allow, anyway -- to solve their right tackle problem, then they will have to move on to plan "B."

Thursday afternoon it was announced that the Denver Broncos would be signing the former Seattle Seahawks' left tackle to a big contract.

We don't know what the sticking point was between the Giants and Okung, but these two tweets likely give us clues. First, given how injury ravaged the Giants have been, they would be unlikely to give a big, long-term deal to a player who has as extensive an injury history as Okung. Also, the team is committed to developing Ereck Flowers as their left tackle of the future.

Regardless, Okung is a Bronco now, and the Giants will need to continue looking for a right tackle.