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2016 NFL Draft: Could Maryland DB Sean Davis be a mid-round steal?

Let's continue profiling draft prospects by looking at an under-the-radar defensive back.

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The New York Giants opted to not re-sign Prince Amukamara, their 2011 first-round draft pick, and instead went after former St. Louis Rams cornerback, Janoris Jenkins. But what if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if there was another Prince waiting for you on the second day of the draft? Enter, Maryland's Sean Davis.

If the Giants wanted someone like Amukamara, why wouldn't they just re-sign him in the first place? That's a fair question to ask, but the key here is that while Davis' style is very reminiscent of the Jacksonville Jaguars' newest corner, it's his versatility that makes him an interesting prospect. You see, during his time as a Terrapin, Davis was a decent raw corner who moonlighted as an excellent safety.


Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 201 pounds

Arm Length: 31 3/8"

Hand Size: 9 1/2"

40 Time: 4.46 seconds

3-Cone: 6.64 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 3.97 seconds

60-yard shuttle: 11.53 seconds

Bench press: 21 reps

Vertical jump: 37.5"

Broad jump: 126"


  • Physically imposing at 6-foot-1 and 201 pounds.
  • Versatile defensive back that can play multiple positions, covering both outside and inside receivers as well as having the frame to cover receiving tight-ends.
  • Great at shooting gaps to manage the run game.
  • Keeps plays in front of him, which is an important trait that translates well to playing as an NFL safety.
  • High-intelligence player that learned multiple disciplines including special-teams gunner.
  • Generates turnovers. Five forced fumbles and three interceptions in 2015 alone.


  • When he is aggressive, it's rare, and can appear to be forced and inopportune, meaning broken tackles, and big gains. Needs to be reeled in and calmed, which may not happen for a season or two.
  • Wouldn't survive as an outside corner in the NFL and would definitely need to transition to a full-time safety, though he understands this as this is where he played in the Senior Bowl.
  • Lacks the ability to recover once the player does get behind him.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - Unranked

Mocking The Draft - Unranked

CBS - 138

Draft Tek - 153

*I ranked him as my 47th best player, though these were aggregate rankings of Top 50. I also have him as my 43rd best player for the Big Blue Board 2.0 due on the site soon.

Does He Fit With the Giants?

I can certainly see him playing free-safety for this team right out of the gate. Perhaps pairing him with another inexperienced player like Landon Collins is a risk, but Spagnuolo's defensive philosophy has been clearly defined as wanting big-play guys and willing to take the good with the bad. I am confident that Davis would pick up the fundamentals of the safety position quickly and the added space of playing deep would allow him to react to incoming players, suiting his skill set perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Davis is not ranked highly by anyone right now, but go find any actual quotes about him and you begin to get the picture that he could go as early as the middle of the second round. If he's there for the Giants with the 71st overall pick, I would jump on him, because I honestly see this guy as a "late riser" that will make a lot of noise in the final few weeks of the draft process.