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Jason Pierre-Paul again asserts that he won't use a club in 2016

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Jason Pierre-Paul wouldn't make any promises about how he would play in 2016, only repeatedly saying "we'll see." He did, however, sound certain he won't have to play with a club on his damaged hand.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul reaffirmed during conference call on Tuesday that he intends to play the 2016 season without wearing a club on his permanently damaged right hand.

Pierre-Paul had surgery this offseason to help improve the use of his mangled hand, and recently posted a workout video of him able to lift a bar and bench press with nothing to help his grip.

Pierre-Paul repeatedly refused to make any predictions about 2016, saying only "we'll see." Here are few more tweets from JPP's conference call.

Pierre-Paul said he had a "brief talk" with Olivier Vernon before Vernon agreed to join the Giants.