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NFL mock draft 2016: How the first 10 picks might unfold

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The major part of free agency is over. Let's look at SB Nation's mock draft database and see how first 10 picks of the 2016 NFL Draft would unfold if the draft went the way mock draft expect it to.

Giants GM Jerry Reese
Giants GM Jerry Reese
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

What would the 2016 NFL Draft look like if it went according to the player most-often selected for each team in the myriad of mock drafts currently available? Well, we don't have to guess. Thanks to SB Nation's Adam Stites, who has been compiling mock drafts, we can actually figure that out. Stites' database currently includes 77 mock drafts. Let's see how this would work out for the New York Giants.

No. 1 -- Tennessee Titans

The pick -- OT Laremy Tunsil

No. 2 -- Cleveland Browns

The pick -- QB Carson Wentz

No. 3 -- San Diego Chargers

The pick -- DB Jalen Ramsey

No. 4 -- Dallas Cowboys

The pick -- DE Joey Bosa

No. 5 -- Jacksonville Jaguars

The pick -- LB Myles Jack

No. 6 -- Baltimore Ravens

The pick -- OT Ronnie Stanley

No. 7 -- San Francisco 49ers

The pick -- QB Jared Goff

No. 8 -- Philadelphia Eagles (via Miami Dolphins)

The pick -- OT Jack Conklin [draft profile]

No. 9 -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The pick -- CB Vernon Hargreaves [draft profile]

No. 10 -- New York Giants

The pick -- DE Shaq Lawson [draft profile]

Of course the Giants wind up with the Clemson defensive end. Our own analysis of our slightly less comprehensive mock draft database came to the same conclusion. Still, it's an interesting exercise that shows us how the draft might unfold in front of the Giants. The biggest curveball in the first nine picks, for me, was the selection of Conklin at No. 8 by the Eagles.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?