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Daniel Jeremiah mock draft 4.0: Giants take Laquon Treadwell

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The Giants spent a fortune to help shore up their defense, and in response former scout and NFL draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah makes an offensive pick for the Giants.

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This morning we took a look at some of the weekly mock drafts. This afternoon NFL Network draft analyst -- and former scout -- Daniel Jeremiah dropped his fourth mock draft.

Free agency reshaped the mock draft landscape, as it does every year. After the New York Giants kicked in the door to free agency by signing four of the top defensive free agents, who does Daniel Jeremiah think the Giants will draft at 10th overall?

10. New York Giants - Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)

The Giants were aggressive in free agency on defense, which frees them up to get a running mate for Odell Beckham.

Raptor's Take: I wholeheartedly approve of getting a second receiver who can take some pressure off Beckham, or make defenses pay for focusing on him too much.

I'm just not sure that receiver should be Treadwell.

He's the top receiver in the draft, but he isn't the kind of player who normally go in the top 10 of the draft. He's big, but not exceptionally so. He isn't terribly athletic or a highly precise route runner. What he does have going for him is strong hands and the kind of nasty streak you rarely see from a receiver. Dez Bryant was a common comparison for him during the season, but I think one that hits closer to home is a bit more apt: A meaner Hakeem Nicks.

Like Nicks, Treadwell is a player who wins at the catch point, dominating defenders through willpower and physicality. He won't outrun nor out jump anyone, but can and will bully defenders. He is also a highly physical blocker, who will be an asset in the running and screen games.

Does that mean he would be right at 10th? Honestly, I'm not sure how much better Treadwell is than players like Michael Thomas, Josh Doctson, and Braxton Miller. They are all (much) better athletes, and could be available a round later. However, if the Giants believe that Treadwell could be another Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin -- a pair of bigger, highly physical, but slow running receivers -- I can't say I would be upset with the pick.