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2016 NFL mock draft: Darron Lee, Laquon Treadwell to the Giants in this week's mocks

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This week's mock draft roundup sees a couple of new names linked to the Giants.

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With the storm of Free Agency settling down, we can safely get back to the serious business of making bad guesses about who the various teams will draft at the end of April. Lately, as you can see in our Mock Draft Database, Shaq Lawson and Ezekiel Elliott have been the hottest names for the New York Giants.

But today we've got a couple different selections.

Mocking The Draft

10. Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)

The Giants have spent big adding end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and cornerback Janoris Jenkins on defense. They were all needed additions, but the Giants shouldn't stop there on defense. Lee can play on the weak side or at middle linebacker, and would give the Giants a playmaker on the second level.

CBS Sports -- Pete Prisco

10. Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)

They really helped their front with Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon. And they got a good corner in Janoris Jenkins. But the linebacker spot is still a mess. Lee can fly and they need speed.

Raptor's Take: (Since he was picked for the Giants by both Mocking The Draft and CBS, I'm only going to do this once)

Lee has been a riser throughout the draft process. He has always been regarded as a confident playmaker for the Ohio State Buckeyes, but people are starting to realize just how good a football player and explosively athletic he is. While his tremendous Combine workout has helped him, I don't think his rise is specifically because of how well he can jump. On a defense as thoroughly talented as Ohio State's, it is difficult to stand out and force evaluators to take a second look, especially if you are a bit undersized.

For the Giants, Lee makes a lot of sense. He is a slightly less-rich man's Myles Jack and brings the kind of athleticism they currently lack in the middle of their defense, is a fearless run defender, a talented cover linebacker, and an effective blitzer. His versatility means he never has to come off the field and could be an intriguing option at middle linebacker behind Damon Harrison and John Hankins, and next to Devon Kennard, J.T. Thomas, and Landon Collins.


10. Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)

40. Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)

71. Sterling Shepard (WR, Oklahoma)

109. Tyvis Powell (S, Ohio State)

149. Eric Striker (EDGE, Oklahoma)

184. Bryce Williams (TE, Eastern Carolina)

Raptor's Take: Ewww ... I'm decreasingly in love with Treadwell at 10th overall. Just because he's the best receiver doesn't mean he's a top 10 pick. He's a good receiver, but I think he is more of a mid-first value than a top-10 pick. The strength of this receiver class is in the second and third rounds with the "No. 2" guys.

I don't like the Derrick Henry pick, either. If the Giants keep the shotgun as their base formation, then this is a wasted pick right off the bat. And quite frankly, he's a very similar running back to Andre Williams. They already have him on the roster and are misusing him. I like the pick even less considering Jeremy Cash (S, Duke), Darron Lee, and Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State) are all on the board and go in the next three picks.

I do like the Shepard pick. He's a great receiver and probably a very good value on Friday night. Powell is a name to keep an eye on. The Giants met with him at the OSU Pro Day and reportedly seemed pretty interested. Striker is a very interesting player, but ultimately he is a defensive end in a safety's body, and I just don't know if any team can use him effectively.

Williams is a decent tight end, but I don't know if he is in any way better than Will Tye, Larry Donnell, or Matt LaCosse.