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Trade Ryan Nassib? Apparently, we must discuss this question again

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It's BBV mailbag time, and the Giants backup quarterback is among the topics.

Ryan Nassib
Ryan Nassib
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The wheels of NFL free agency are still spinning. The 2016 NFL Draft is inching closer. With those things come plenty of questions about the New York Giants and their plans. Let's see if we can answer some of them in this week's Big Blue View mailbag.

Ed says: This question comes up every year, and I still don't get why. Who are they going to trade him to? What has Nassib done to convince any NFL team to give up draft choices to get him? Anything is, of course, possible. The reality, though, is that over the years I have never been told of any team expressing interest in Nassib, nor have I ever seen reports that any team has done so. No one is beating down the Giants' door asking for the guy.

Ed says: I doubt we will see any more defensive end signings. The Giants will give Owa Odighizuwa and Kerry Wynn chances, and maybe fortify in the draft. As for safety, they are looking but there are reports that Thurmond might retire.

Ed says: Who would they trade for? What would they give up? Teams don't generally trade starting-caliber players. The more likely plan seems to be signing a veteran like Chris Conte, Rashad Johnson or someone else off the second tier of free agents, then seeing if one of their young guys -- Nat Berhe, Bennett Jackson, Mykkele Thompson -- will develop.

Ed says: Of course. Remember back in 2006 when the Giants raised eyebrows by drafting Mathias Kiwanuka despite not having an obvious place for him to play. The biggest thing people sometimes misunderstand about the draft is that it isn't necessarily about the upcoming season, it's about trying to collect good players you think can help you for several seasons to come. Thus, you take the best players. Ideally, the best player matches a current need but that doesn't always happen. In terms of a pass rusher, remember that Jason Pierre-Paul is on a one-year deal. If you want to protect yourself for the future and you think a guy like Shaq Lawson of Clemson can be a big-time pass rusher then you go ahead and take him even if you don't necessarily appear to "need" him right now.