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NFL free agency 2016: Prince Amukamara joins Jacksonville Jaguars

Amukamara leaves Giants after five seasons.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Prince Amukamara has found a new home, reportedly joining the Jacksonville Jaguars on a one-year contract. The New York Giants, where Amukamara spent the first five years of his career, chose to sign Janoris Jenkins as a free agent rather than keep Amukamara.

The fact that Amukamara, who will be 27 next season, was only able to secure a one-year contract is surprising. He is a good player though injuries have haunted him. In a market where money is being tossed around freely, you have to believe Amukamara had hoped to land a deal that offered him more security than a single season.

Perhaps, though, Amukamara believes his value will rise if he is able to finally put together a full, healthy season in 2016.

Former Giants defensive end Robert Ayers also found a new team on Friday, signing a three-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Will the Giants regret letting the steady, though injury-prone Amukamara go and replacing him with Jenkins, a guy known more as a hit-and-miss playmaker? We will find out.