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"Big Blue Chat" podcast, episode 45: Answering listener questions

Offseason? Never.

Graphic by Alex Sinclair

For the latest episode of the "Big Blue Chat" podcast, Pat Traina (Bleacher Report/Inside Football) and I solicited listener questions. The result was an interesting New York Giants offseason chat where we discussed many of the issues that will impact how the Giants construct their 2016 roster.

Among the questions we touched on:

  • The future of offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz.
  • How the Giants should approach the free safety spot.
  • Which free agents should the Giants target?
  • Of the Big Three free agents (Jason Pierre-Paul, Robert Ayers, Prince Amukamara) which should the Giants bring back?
  • What should the Giants do about the running back by committee mess that drove everyone crazy in 2015?

Give the podcast a listen. We will continue to put these together at least every couple of weeks throughout the offseason, which really doesn't last all that long when you think about it. The Giants will be back to work in April with OTAs under new head coach Ben McAdoo, so that really isn't that far in the future.