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New York Giants news, 2/9: Tom Coughlin "too young" to retire, Eli explains Super Bowl face

A few Giants headlines for your Tuesday morning.

Former New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday during an appearance on Fox & Friends to promote the Jay Fund that he is "too young" for retirement.

"I'm not ret ... I don't like that word," he said. "I'm way too young for that."

How is the 69-year-old Coughlin, legendary for his precision schedule and for Coughlin Time, where you are late unless you are five minutes early, handling not running a team?

"Not well, not very well, to be honest with you." ...

"It's a very difficult thing, I don't care who you are, or how long you've been doing it. I've been doing it a long time, so you get yourself into the rhythm," he continued. "Your whole life, the calendar of your life is based on football, about the seasons, whether it's in-season or out of season. You have a schedule that you follow. So there's some adjusting for me to make."

It can't be easy for Coughlin. Shoot, it can't be easy for anyone when the thing that their life centered around is no longer there. If the right situation presents itself next offseason would anyone be surprised to see Coughlin take another coaching job? I know I wouldn't.

Manning explains his Super Bowl face

The Internet went wild picking on the emotionless expression Eli Manning had as the Denver Broncos scored their final touchdown in the Super Bowl, assuring his brother, Peyton Manning, of a victory in what was likely his final NFL game. Monday, on his way to catch a plan, Manning explain his reaction.

"I was just focused on whether they'd go for two and knew the defense had to step up and make some stops," Manning told TMZ.