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New York Giants Super Bowl moments: No. 2 -- wide right

Yes, it's Scott Norwood time.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

If you have been following our countdown of the top 10 moments in New York Giants Super Bowl history you know what comes next. There is very little doubt. It's time to talk about wide right.

No. 2 -- Scott Norwood misses, Giants win Super Bowl XXV

Giants 20, Bills 19, Super Bowl XXV, Jan. 27, 1991 -- Talk about best Super Bowl games ever played and this one always ranks near the top of the list. The Giants weren't supposed to be able to stay with the high-flying Buffalo Bills and their K Gun offense. They did, though. On defense, they used a two-man defensive front and in the secondary they physically manhandled Buffalo receivers, making them pay for every inch with physical play. On offense, same approach. They slowed the game to  crawl, holding the ball for an incredible 40:33 with a relentless ground game and short passing attack.

Still, the game came down to the right foot of Scott Norwood. Make a 47-yard field goal as time expired and the Bills would be champions. Miss it and the Giants would be champions. Norwood, as we know, missed.

What strikes me as odd in looking at pictures of Norwood following through on the fateful kick is the position of his head. A kicker's head should be down throughout contact. His head is tilted awkwardly to the right with his body going oddly to the left. No way from that posture the ball can be kicked straight.

Whatever. Norwood missed, and the Giants had the second championship of the Bill Parcells era.

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