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New York Giants Super Bowl moments: No. 3 -- Manning to Manningham

We kick off the Big Three of Giants Super Bowl moments with an incredible play.

The New York Giants couldn't slay the beast that was -- and still is -- the New England Patriots for the second time in a Super Bowl, could they? Well, yes, they could, but it took heroics like the play that winds up as No. 3 in our countdown of the top 10 Giants Super Bowl moments.

No. 3 -- Manning to Manningham

Super Bowl XLVI, Feb. 5, 2012 -- THAT throw! And THAT catch! Watching the play again all these years later I still can't decide whether the throw by Eli Manning or the catch by Mario Manningham was better.

The Giants trailed, 17-15, and had first down at their own 12-yard line with 3:46 to play when Manning surveyed the field, finally turned to the back side of the play and uncorked a deep ball for Manningham. A quarterback cannot make a better throw than Manning did on this play, squeezing the ball into a teensy, weensy window to a double-covered Manningham within inches of the sideline. Manningham caught the ball over his shoulder, somehow managed to drag both feet in bounds and clearly controlled the ball going to the ground. Even Dean Blandino couldn't have overruled that one.

The play, of course, set up the game-winning drive as the Giants once again knocked off the Patriots, winning, 21-17.

There are plenty of stories about this Super Bowl, and this play in particular. This also happens to be the fourth anniversary of that game, so use this thread to celebrate that accomplishment and share your memories.

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