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New York Giants Super Bowl moments: No. 4 -- Goal-line stand vs. Denver Broncos

This is what linebackers are for!

Carl Banks, Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson in 2006
Carl Banks, Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson in 2006
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

As much time as we spend bemoaning the problems the New York Giants have at linebacker there was a time when no one had better play at the linebacker position than the Giants. The Giants' triumvirate of Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, and Carl Banks is responsible for today's memory as we count down the top 10 moments in Giants Super Bowl history.

No. 4 -- Goal-line stand vs. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XXI, Jan. 25, 1987 -- In a game they were favored to win the Giants trailed the Broncos, 10-7, and looked to be in trouble as Denver had first-and-goal at the 1-yard line midway through the second quarter. Taylor, Carson, and Banks, though, were about to change the game.

First, Taylor sliced in and brought down a rolling John Elway for a one-yard loss. Next, Carson stuffed a Bronco run up the middle. Finally, Banks stuffed a third-down run. Denver's Rich Karlis then missed a chip-shot 23-yard field goal and the Giants were off to the races. They won, 39-20, for their first Super Bowl title.

"That's when the great players make plays," said Giants coach Bill Parcells. "Taylor made one, Carson was in on one, and then Banks made another one. And then by some stroke of luck they missed the field goal, so we went in (at halftime) really outplayed very badly the first half we're only down one point. I told 'em at the half 'we got a good chance to win this thing. We can't play that bad.' "

Obviously, Parcells was right. Thank the team's linebackers for helping give them the opportunity.

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