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2016 NFL Draft: Could WR Tyler Boyd reinforce Giants' offense?

Tyler Boyd was one of the most productive receivers in college football, but could team need and a mistake off the the field take him off the Giants' board?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The common consensus is that with a top-10 pick and oodles of cap space, the New York Giants need to use their considerable resources to rebuild their neigh non-existent defense in 2016.

And without a doubt they absolutely have to invest in better defenders at every level.

However, can they afford to ignore the offense in doing so? Sure they have a two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback in Eli Manning, and a superstar wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr. But what else do they have?

Will Tye looks like a promising weapon at H-Back, and Dwayne Harris had the best year of his career as a receiver, but his duties on special teams are equally important. Can the Giants count on Victor Cruz? How about Geremy Davis, Myles White, or Marcus Harris? They may develop into good players, but if you look away from Beckham's brilliance, that cupboard is pretty bare.

Pittsburgh's Tyler Boyd was considered the top receiver coming into 2015. Could he help re-stock Eli's armory?



  • Smoothly accelerating athlete who glides downfield easily changes gears and directions throughout his routes
  • Advanced route runner who seems to think two moves ahead, setting up then beating defenders.
  • Natural hands catcher who uses his length well.
  • Versatile player who lined up all over Pitt's offense. Played wide receiver, slot receiver, lined up in the backfield, rushed, and quarterback.
  • Highly productive, school record holder for yards and receptions
  • Physical despite his build.


  • Arrested for a DUI over the summer of 2015. Teams will need to decide if he is a character risk.
  • Slender build limits his strength to block or fight off jams.
  • Most of his plays came within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, slightly un-proven as a deep threat.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 52nd overall

Mocking The Draft - 49th overall

CBS - 47th overall

Draft Tek - 61st overall

Does He Fit with The Giants?

Assuming his character checks out? Absolutely. McAdoo will likely want to improve the Giants' screen game, and that means receivers who can block, and that just isn't Boyd's strong suit.

But in just about every other facet of his game, he fits hand-in-glove. His route running makes him a great fit for the Giants' precise, timing-based offense, and his ability to threaten every level of a defense would pair well with Odell Beckham.

Final Thoughts

As a player on the field, Tyler Boyd would make a tremendous addition to the Giants' offense. He would give them that second true weapon that can open everything up, or make defenses pay dearly for focusing on Beckham. A "Jordy Nelson" or "Martavis Bryant" for Eli to throw to.

But the Giants need to answer two questions: Does he have the right mental makeup to be a professional in New York, and can they use the second round pick it would likely take to draft him? The second question might get decided for them depending on how picks 11 - 39 shake out. The first question, we have no way to answer, but the potential pairing of McAdoo, Eli, Beckham, and Boyd is tantalizing.