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NFL Combine 2016: What we learned from Saturday's workouts

The second day of workouts form the NFL Combine ends.

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On Saturday at the NFL Scouting Combine, the remaining offensive positions get to work out in front of scouts and NFL personnel. While the New York Giants are expected to draft heavy on defense, that doesn't mean today's workouts won't affect the Giants draft plan. Let's dive into today's winners and losers and evaluate the best fits for the Giants.

Stock Up: Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, QBs

Much was said about this year's quarterback class and how it doesn't feature a stand out prospect. While the Giants certainly aren't in the market to replace Eli Manning anytime soon, any good news for the quarterback class is good news overall as it can mean more talent would slide toward the Giants way. On Saturday's workouts and drills, several quarterbacks have raised their stock. However, there was one standout performance from Carson Wentz. Mike Mayock was especially keen on him as he thinks he can be a top 10 pick.

"I thought Wentz ripped it today," Mayock said. "He had a really nice day...Strong arm, athletic kid. I think he can throw short, intermediate and deep. So the more I see of this kid and the more I hear from teams about him, the more I'm  convinced that he is a top 10 pick."

That's not to say the rest of the competition faltered. Mayock was also high on Jared Goff following his drills.

"Watch the footwork, how well it's connected to the release," Mayock said. "The ball comes out so quickly for him, classic delivery. Elbows up high ... Love his feet, love his release. And again he can throw it all three levels.

Matt Miller was also impressed with Goff.

Stock Up: Josh Doctson, Braxton Miller

Doctson did all he could do to improve on his stock and he certainly delivered. Not only was he among the most athletic for all wide receivers but he impressed many during the drills. While he probably isn't challenging Laquon Treadwell for the top wide receiver in the class, Doctson is certainly making his case for being a top talent. While Doctson's 40-yard time wasn't great at 4.50, speed was never a big piece of his game. His jumping ability is absurd as he had the best vertical and the second best broad jump for all receivers. His 20-yard and 60-yard shuttles were top three for the position. Athleticism isn't only in the form of running in a straight line as Docton proved he has ample amounts of it.

However, Doctson wasn't the only receiver to highlight their athletic ability. Braxton Miller in particular also topped the athletic charts with his performances in the agility drills. While he certainly impressed, Miller was always known to have a great amount of athletic ability. The concern with Miller is with the intricate details of being a receiver such as route running. Despite this, Miller looks to be a high pick based on his potential.

The Giants don't have a high need for a wide receiver but it's tough to discount the possibility of pairing Odell Beckham Jr. with a young, top talent. If Doctson and Miller were available at pick 40, should the Giants go for it?

Stock Down: Cardale Jones, QB

After winning the National Championship in 2015, Cardale Jones was hoping to take his game to the next level. Not only did the exact opposite happen but his stock continues to fall as he suffered a hamstring injury during Saturday's workouts. Scouts were impressed by his raw, physical tools but Jones will not get a chance to highlight his skills at the combine. His next plan is to be ready during his Pro Day but this setback during the combine hurts a continuing weakening stock to the once highly regarded prospect.

Giants Combine Meetings

Beat writers are discovering more meetings between several prospects and the Giants.

Leonte Carroo is a local wide receiver prospect from Rutgers University. He had a strong showing at the combine as he even earned praise from Todd McShay.