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Mailbag: Should Prince Amukamara return, and more Giants questions

Your questions, Ed's answers.

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The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine is in full swing. Free agency is coming. The rumor mill is cranked up. So, let's open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what New York Giants questions you have.

Albert Lockwood asks: should the Giants pursue another cb or just sign Prince?

Ed says: That's really a tough call. The injury history with Prince Amukamara and the fact that he is a good, but not great player make it really, really difficult to swallow giving him a mega-contract. Somebody will probably give him one, though, and losing him would create a hole the Giants would have to go out and fill with another expensive free agent. Are Sean Smith and Janoris Jenkins better than Prince? We can probably argue about that all day. A few weeks ago I would have answered this question differently, but after studying the market the way I have I'm not sure anyone out there is really going to be an upgrade. With that in mind, I wouldn't mind the Giants bring Amukamara back -- if they can do it at a reasonable price.

Anthony Manniello asks: If the Giants address holes with FA, would Ezekiel Elliott be a great pick?

Ed says: Really difficult question. Hard to answer without knowing what free agents the Giants signed, or who else is available at No. 10 when the Giants pick. What I will say is what I always say about picking running backs in the first round. That is that I'm not a fan of doing so. If you are going to pick a running back that early he better be a guy who is a franchise-changer and is named All-Pro multiple times in his career. Good running backs are not hard to find, and the Giants already have some. If you take Elliott, he better be  a star. And you better make sure you've done enough in free agency that your defense doesn't stink -- again.

Facebook questions

Nick Prusia asks: The Ravens aren't going to franchise tag Kelechi Osmele. Should the Giants try to pursue him for the RG spot if he hits the open market, and if they do, what are the chances of the Giants landing him?

Ed says: If he hits the market, many analysts believe Osemele will be the best offensive lineman (guard or tackle) available. Will the Giants sign him? I don't know. The guy is 26, can play guard or right tackle (most think he's a better guard) and is going to have a ton of suitors. Everybody wants good offensive linemen, especially versatile ones just entering their prime. The Giants have said improving on the offensive and defensive lines is a priority. They absolutely should, at least, find out what the price tag would be.

Jorge Passapera asks: Eli is 35 and isn`t getting any younger so how long before the Giants start looking for Eli`s replacement?

Ed says: I honestly don't know when that time will come, but I do know that it absolutely is not now. The Giants' priority right now has to be maximizing Eli's remaining time, and they have far too many needs to be wasting an early draft choice on finding a quarterback of the future they probably aren't going to need for at least another three years or so.

Chris Rifkin asks: Do you think the Giants would be better off waiting till the draft to add a defensive tackle instead of getting one in free agency.I have always been an advocate of getting a FA and drafting one later, but with this market, combined with a potential deep class that some say will have starters available into the 4th,I personally would address another need in free agency or 2 and grab some of the young talent come draft day. Thoughts?

Ed says: It always comes back to price. Do the Giants think, for example, that Malik Jackson of the Denver Broncos is worth $12 million per year?  Do they believe in Jay Bromley? Are they bringing Cullen Jenkins back? My guess is if they spend big money it won't be at defensive tackle. With the depth in the draft, they might be more likely to try and supplement what they have that way.

Michael Dicarlis asks: What's the realistic possibility that James Laurinaiitis signs. I've heard he is leaning towards signing with us due to his relationship with Spags.

Ed says: Nobody except Laurinaitis knows which way he's leaning, or if the Giants have actually expressed interest. Laurinaitis does have a previous relationship with Steve Spagnuolo, and because of that, a move to the Giants makes sense. I think, though, the Giants are going to look around and see if they can get younger and more athletic before making a move for an older guy like Laurinaitis.

William Ridley asks: Do you think / have you heard whether Bobby Hart is probably going to start or compete for RG or RT? Is he good enough for RT?

Ed says: We have talked a lot about Hart, the 2015 seventh-round pick, this offseason. I don't know what is going to happen with him, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets a chance to compete for the right guard job in training camp. Do I think he's good enough to pay right tackle? I'm going to defer to the talent evaluators I have spoken with, and their answer to that question is no.

Peter Messineo asks: With jaylon smiths nerve issues does DT become very much in play at #10?

Ed says: I think we can't jump to conclusions. The reports about Smith are conflicting, as we wrote on Friday. I think, though, the whole mess probably knocks Smith out of the first round. As for defensive tackle, again let's not put the cart before the horse. Let's see what happens in free agency, and then in the draft with the picks that come before the Giants. They have to address the defense this offseasons -- tackle linebacker, end, corner, safety. All of it.

Roberto Perez asks: There are so many glaring needs for this team at a plethora of positions. Where do you think the Giants spend the bulk of their War chest to address the dearth of talent on this team? And, after seeing what the Bronco pass rush did to the Carolina Panthers, do you see the Giants investing a number 10 pick in someone with a checkered past such as Noah Spence? This organization is not the type to court controversy however, does the desperate need of a pass rush place them in a position where talent and production on the field must supersede lack of character off of it?

Ed says: I have said again and again that the Giants need more talent all across the roster. Jerry Reese's remarks at the Combine indicate he recognizes the same thing. That said, defense has to be the offseason priority. On offense, wide receiver, and offensive line. As for Spence, I just don't know where the Giants will stand on him. There is the off-field stuff, yes. There is also the reality that he isn't what they traditionally go for at defensive end as he is only 251 pounds. They like the bigger, more traditional 4-3 DEs. Shaq Lawson, Kevin Dodd, Emmanuel Ogbah fit that description. In later rounds, a guy like Carl Nassib. I doubt the Giants stray far from their emphasis on character. We see again and again that it's a disaster when teams ignore the warning signs.