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New York Giants' Ben McAdoo sounds like he wants Jason Pierre-Paul back

Coach talks about a wide variety of topics at NFL Scouting Combine

Ben McAdoo at the Combine -- without an over-sized suit
Ben McAdoo at the Combine -- without an over-sized suit
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo addressed several topics Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. Among them were the future of Jason Pierre-Paul and Victor Cruz, the team's injury situation, and more.

Let's look at some of the takeaways from McAdoo's remarks, some of which were made at the podium and some of which were made to reporters in Indianapolis after his formal press conference.

Does McAdoo want Pierre-Paul back?

The coach didn't outright say he wanted the free agent defensive end back with the Giants next season, but he certainly left that impression.

"It was obvious when Jason came back last year how disruptive he was," McAdoo said. "I just think when you look at him and his ability to get off the ball and get after the quarterback is easy to see."

What about Victor Cruz?

The rehabbing wide receiver had said in a recent interview he was "80 percent" sure he would be back with the Giants. McAdoo said he "absolutely" wanted Cruz on the roster in 2016.


McAdoo said during his press conference the Giants would "look at a variety of things that impact injuries," and mentioned practice schedule, hydration, sleep and recovery among them. He also called new strength and conditioning coach Aaron Wellman a "forward thinker."

McAdoo told reporters he is going to flip the weekly practice schedule, giving players the day off after games.

Not giving up on Andre Williams

McAdoo said he hasn't given up yet on running back Andre Williams, who has struggled through two seasons with the Giants.

McAdoo said the Giants would like at free agency and the draft for running backs, but didn't know what would happen there. He did say the team was studying the running game, including their scheme, what other NFL teams do and even what colleges are doing.

The importance of the Combine

McAdoo said the Combine makes players into real people for NFL coaches.

"You get a chance to meet ‘em and shake their hand and look ‘em in the eye and talk to ‘em and get a feel for what they're about," McAdoo said. "They're not just a guy on tape, they're not just a guy on a piece of paper. They're a human being and what they're all about and what they stand for."

He also told reporters he focuses on the film and lets the scouting department assess character concerns. Further, he said it can be difficult to assess character in a short meeting with a player.

The future of Rueben Randle

McAdoo was non-committal on the future of the free agent wide receiver, which you can probably read as a nice way of saying bringing him back isn't a priority.