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Fantasy Football: Early 2016 rankings for New York Giants players

It's never too early to prepare for fantasy football. See which Giants made the list.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What else is there to do once the football season ends? Getting ready for the next one of course! ESPN released position rankings for the 2016 fantasy football season with a trio of New York Giants being ranked.

Eli Manning -- 16th QB Overall

Throughout his career, Eli Manning isn't known for posting gaudy numbers. Yet with two top-notch seasons in Ben McAdoo's offense, you would hope that would change. And while the general fandom isn't ready to give Eli Manning his dues, Manning has quietly been one of the best values in fantasy football drafts these past couple years. In a standard scoring league, Manning has been a starting caliber player who was being picked in rounds where you are looking at backups. In both of his years under McAdoo, Manning has finished as the 10th best quarterback. In most fantasy football leagues, that makes him one of the best quarterbacks to own.

Manning has never been respected in fantasy football circles, but a placement of 16th overall borders on blatant disrespect with names such as Tyrod Taylor being ranked above him. Manning probably won't meet expectations of a top five quarterback but his consistency is key. Excluding Manning, only four of the top 10 quarterbacks in 2014 reached the top ten in 2015. When drafting for the 2016 season, Manning may once more be a quality bargain.

Odell Beckham Jr. -- 2nd WR Overall

Despite grumblings from other NFL players on his rapid ascension to an NFL star, Beckham proved that he isn't some one-year wonder. In 15 games, Beckham posted a top five season for all wide receivers in both standard and PPR. While he didn't quite reach historic numbers akin to Antonio Brown or Julio Jones, it is worth noting that Beckham wasn't forced the ball as much as he was targeted around 50 fewer times than both of those receivers. Antonio Brown ranks number one at the position which is largely a unanimous decision. Many fans would argue that Julio Jones, who had 136 receptions for close to 1,900 yards, should be ranked above Beckham and I can't say I blame them. However, both talents are so clearly elite that the only real victor between them is the one who stays healthy. Look for Odell to go as high in the middle of the first round on draft day.

Rashad Jennings -- 29th RB Overall

It's fair to say that the RBBC experiment of 2015 failed miserably as the Giants were among the league's worst in running the ball. Given its failure and with a new coach in town, it is likely that the Giants scrap the experiment and revert to giving regular carries to one of their backs. As of now, the most likely candidate would be Rashad Jennings who posted a number of quality games as the lead back of the Giants. A 29th overall ranking at the position makes you a flex candidate in some leagues which is a fair placement if Jennings emerges as a starter.

For now, though, it is simply far too early to rank any Giants running back. It's possible the RBBC was a McAdoo invention which would make all Giants backs nearly worthless. It's possible the Giants bring in a new lead back or we see the emergence of Orleans Darkwa. Until we reach training camp, ranking the Giants running backs is a stab in the dark.