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Jason Pierre-Paul rumors: Parsing through conflicting reports

What's the truth about JPP and the Giants?

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Do the New York Giants want Jason Pierre-Paul back in 2016, or don't they? Well, that depends on who you read or listen to.

A published report in USA Today said the Giants are "unlikely to re-sign JPP" and that "as of now he isn't going to be returning to the team."

On the flip side, Bleacher Report's Jason Cole said the Giants "are expected to try and bring Pierre-Paul back" but that they "absolutely" will not use the franchise tag. Cole said the Giants was to pay JPP "a lot less" than what they did a year ago when he had a cap hit of $7.35 million.

Here is what I know.

Prince Amukamara, also one of the Giants' key free agents, told Sirius XM NFL Radio earlier this week that all of the team's unrestricted free agents were informed the Giants would not be making them contract offers until free agency began.

My source has repeatedly indicated that Pierre-Paul is expected to ask for a big-money deal "paying JPP like he didn't have the accident or close to that."

The accident, of course, was the Fourth of July fireworks mishap that left him with a mangled right hand and huge questions about how effective he can be going forward.

jpp hand

Spotrac's Calculated Market Value for Pierre-Paul is five years, $63.6 million, an annual salary of $12.7 million. At this point, indications are that the Giants seem unlikely to be willing to gamble anywhere near that much money on Pierre-Paul.

Things can change, of course, based on the Giants' reading of the market and their chance at signing a free agent like Olivier Vernon. Right now, though, it would appear that if Pierre-Paul wants that kind of money he is going to have to get it from someone other than the Giants.