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2016 NFL Draft: Can Rashad Robinson overcome his past?

Rashard Robinson was dismissed from LSU, but he could still find himself drafted

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

If the name Rashad Robinson rings a bell, but you can't quite figure out why it's because Robinson hasn't played football since November of 2014.

That's because he was suspended indefinitely following an arrest for breaking and entering.

However, before he was suspended and later dismissed from LSU, Robinson was regarded as the Tigers most talented secondary player.

According to a report by Tony Pauline from Draft Insider, Robinson is at least on the Giants' radar.

Personnel people from the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants believe Robinson would've competed for the top cornerback spot in this year's draft had he played the past two seasons and built upon his impressive freshman campaign. I'm told he will measure over 6-feet/2-inches and is expected to run the forty in the 4.3's at the combine. I've also been told Robinson has been invited to participate at LSU's pro-day. As someone told me earlier today teams are willing to roll the dice on tall corners that can run fast as the demand far outstrips the supply.


Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 193

40-Time: 4.40 (projected)


  • Prototypical height, weight, and speed for the position
  • Smooth athlete with the ability to backpedal and break on the ball.
  • Good hips and feet in backpedal


  • Suspended then dismissed following a breaking and entering incident.
  • Hasn't played football in a year and a half.
  • Struggled at times with footwork and physical play

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

*Considering Robinson's unique circumstances, we'll forego this for now

Does He Fit With the Giants?

Well, the Giants seem to believe that he could be one of the best corners in the draft, and they might find themselves in the position of needing a corner, so the answer would seem to be "Yes."

However, the question is more complicated than simple scheme fit.

The Giants have been looking for high character players in recent drafts and Robinson's arrest is certainly a red flag. Complicating matters even more, he had filed a report that the teammate who's apartment he had broken into had stolen some items of his [Robinson]. Is he a character risk? Or was he a kid who made a dumb mistake trying to get his property back?

Final Thoughts

If the Giants draft Robinson, it wouldn't be the first time they took a chance on a young man who had a run-in with the law. In 2007 they selected a running back from Marshall who faced charges regarding the theft of a Playstation 2 from an unlocked dorm room.

Ahmad Bradshaw was eventually selected 250th overall and played a critical role on two separate championship teams.

It would be beyond ambitious to even hope that Rashard Robinson could have a similar career, but there is, at least, something like precedent for the Giants to select a player in his situation. He will be an interesting player to watch in the Scouting Combine and through the rest of the draft process.