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Jerry Reese right in assessing 2015 safety market? Rahim Moore shows he probably was

Texans, unhappy with Moore, apparently ready to cut him.

Rahim Moore
Rahim Moore
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Remember a year ago when, after the New York Giants bid for but were unable to pry Devin McCourty away from the New England Patriots in free agency? Fans looked at the rest of the safeties available in free agency and began to clamor for the Giants to sign Rahim Moore, who looked like the next-best option on the open market.

We profiled Moore as a potential free-agent target for the Giants and called him "one of the best pass defending safeties in the 2015 crop of free agents." Here are the first four comments from that post:

moore comments

We also asked readers whether Moore or Ron Parker of the Kansas City Chiefs would be a better target for the Giants. Sixty-one percent (498) of the 814 voters wanted Moore.

Well, general manager Jerry Reese ignored the pleas of the fan base and didn't go anywhere near Moore in the free agent market. Moore ended up signing what looked like a reasonable three-year, $12 million contract with the Houston Texans. The Giants ended up with Brandon Meriweather and Craig Dahl trying to play free safety after a rash of injuries eliminated all of their desired options.

Did Reese also end up with egg on his face for not signing Moore? Not by a long shot. The GM actually ends up looking absolutely right. Per the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are expected to cut the 26-year-old Moore after just one unsatisfactory season in which he was benched and played in only seven games. Quintin Demps, whom the Giants really had no interest in keeping after an awful 2014 season, started 13 games for Houston.

Reese may, in fact, have read the safety market absolutely correctly. It may indeed have been McCourty or bust in terms of anyone worthy of a big-money deal on the open market. Look at the list of free agent safeties from a year ago. Parker got a five-year, $30 million deal from the Chiefs, and started all season. It is significant, though, that he re-signed with his original team. Maybe I am missing someone, but I can't find anyone on the list who really justified signing for a big contract.

Even letting Antrel Rolle go was probably the right move. Rolle signed a three-year, $11.25 million contract with the Chicago Bears and played only seven games. At 33, it's fair to ask how much he has left and to wonder if the Bears might have buyer's remorse.

Reese chose to go with young, unproven players. Injuries wrecked the plan, as Nat Berhe, Justin Currie, Mykkele Thompson and Bennett Jackson all missed the season. We don't know if any of those players would have worked out.

It is entirely fair to say that aside from Landon Collins the play of the Giants' safeties was awful in 2015, ad we have done that. It is fair to say the Giants need to address the position again last season.

In retrospect, though, it is probably unfair to say the Giants' GM was wrong in his assessment of the market a year ago. The idea that the Texans are apparently ready to so quickly cut ties with Moore is evidence of that.