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Mailbag, Part 2: Should the Giants trade down in the NFL Draft? Should they sign Josh Gordon?

Yes, even more questions and answers.

Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There were so many good questions for the Big Blue View mailbag this week, and so many that came in after I had finished the one that was posted Saturday, that for the first time ever today I am posting a Part 2 of the mailbag.

Ed says: I always advocate the idea of trading down, especially when you are a team like the Giants that has so many holes to fill and actually has so few picks at this point. If the Giants have a player they absolutely love at No. 10, by all means grab him. If they have a range of guys they would be happy selecting and have an opportunity to move down, add a Day 2 pick, and still select someone from that range I'm all for it. I am always a proponent of going down rather than up unless you believe you are going up for a franchise-changing guy like a quarterback.

Ed says: I think so. Gettleman did not draft Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly, but he did get Newton signed to a long-term deal. He drafted defensive linemen Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short in 2013, defensive end Kony Ealy and offensive lineman Trai Turner in 2014, and linebacker Shaq Thompson and wide receiver Devin Funchess in 2015. They were all key parts of the Carolina team that went to the Super Bowl. He also drafted wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. Gettleman also made the unpopular choice to stick with Ron Rivera as head coach. So, yes, there is a "clear connection" between the Panthers' success and Gettleman's work.

Ed says: You don't select a "proven" leader in the draft. You select guys who have been leaders in college and may develop into that in the NFL. I think there are a few guys like that on the current roster. Devon Kennard and Landon Collins come to mind. I will continue to say that defensively the Giants need a proven veteran free safety to pair with Collins.

Ed says: You're kidding, right? Reese and the Giants always do their due diligence on every player, but I'd say there is roughly a zero percent chance Gordon would be a Giant. If he is reinstated by the NFL and then released by the Cleveland Browns, someone will take a chance. Why, though, would the Giants be that team? After what they went through with Will Hill, I can't see it. Not to mention handing a player with a troubled past to a first-year coach like Ben McAdoo is not a good idea. This is a much longer answer than I intended to give for a scenario I see as having no chance of occurring.

Ed says: Honestly, that question is impossible to answer. What all Giants fans should be hoping right now is that Eli Manning stays healthy and productive as long as possible. Look all around the league at how few teams actually have "franchise" quarterbacks. When Manning is done there is no guarantee the Giants can immediately replace him with another one. Phil Simms was a franchise quarterback who retired in 1993. The next real franchise quarterback the Giants had was Manning, and he didn't come along until 2004. That is 11 years later.