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Mailbag: What will New York Giants do in free agency, NFL draft?

You have questions, let's see if I have answers.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What will the New York Giants do in free agency and the 2016 NFL Draft? We have reached speculation season, and the questions in this week's Big Blue View mailbag reflect fans' curiosity. Let's get to them.

Ed says: I don't know if anything John Mara has said impacts any decision Reese and the Giants might make in the draft. What matters more is the medical prognosis, how well doctors believe Smith will recover, when or if he might be able to play in 2016. Those are the things that matter. Not to mention whether or not the Giants believe he is the best choice at No. 10. What people forget is that the draft isn't necessarily about the upcoming season, it's about building the best team you can for the foreseeable future. If you believe Smith has a chance to be a great player for the next eight to 10 years then what is the big deal about waiting for eight games to get him on the field if that is what you have to do?

Ed says: Well, Andrey that is an entertaining analogy. What I will say is I would expect the Giants to be aggressive. If the Giants follow their usual pattern they won't be shopping for just one or two big-name, expensive players. They will be volume shoppers, looking to bring in plenty of players to fill holes. Think about what they did in 2014. Also, think about the fact that that did not work. You can supplement a roster through free agency, but you cannot build or completely fix a team that way. You must draft well. In my estimation, the Giants did draft pretty well the past two years, but there was a void for several years prior to that. They must have another good draft this spring.

Ed says: I honestly don't know how those two positions will be addressed. In free agency. Much also depends on whether or not the Giants decide to bring back Jason Pierre-Paul and Robert Ayers. So much is contingent on price tags and which guys teams believe are fits for what they want to do. The draft is sort of the same way. Every analyst sees players somewhat differently. I just know that addressing both positions is at the top of the Giants' to-do list this offseason.

Ed says: Impossible to answer until we see which guys actually get to free agency next month, and which of their own free agents the Giants decide to keep. Many of the players who are free agents today will already be re-signed by their current teams before the market opens on March 9, and many others will be cut loose between now and then. That said, I would think adding a veteran free safety and a proven second wide receiver should be free-agent priorities.

Ed says: When it comes to Vernon, I think that will depend on what the Giants do with Pierre-Paul and Ayers. Vernon is only 25, so I would think he would be a natural target for the pass-rush needy Giants if they move on from either JPP or Ayers. As for Gipson, the Giants IMHO must sign a quality veteran free safety to pair with Landon Collins. They can't depend on the group of young players who were on IR last season. They chased Devin McCourty a year ago. I would think they, at least, kick the tires on Gipson and see what the price tag is.

Ed says: Enjoy the game! As much as I would like to, that's not a trip I will be making. I honestly don't think any NFL team or player really looks forward to those London games, no matter what they say. These guys are creatures of habit, they love their routines, and the London games are a massive disruption in routine. They are here to stay, though, so everyone has to learn how to handle them. I'm glad for you getting to see the Giants. On the flip side, I always feel for the fans of the home team who pay unbelievably high prices for their season tickets and lose a home game.