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Jay Bromley won't face charges for attempted rape allegations -- attorney

Jay Bromley and the Giants can move on from what looked like it could have been an ugly situation.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Reese and the New York Giants probably heaved a sigh of relief Friday afternoon when word came out that defensive tackle Jay Bromley would not be charged with attempted rape.

Roughly two weeks ago, on January 30th, Bromley was accused of attempted rape and assault after a meet-up with a woman he met on social media went wrong.

The New York City police investigation has announced that there was "No Criminality" in Bromley's actions.

"As we stated from the outset, the allegations against Mr. Bromley were completely false," Bromley's lawyer Alex Spiro said. "Today, Mr. Bromley has been officially cleared of all wrongdoing. We are thankful to law enforcement for their efforts, and are hopeful that the focus can now return to Jay Bromley's remarkable story."

With this incident behind him, hopefully Bromley can turn his attention back to building off of his 2016 campaign, establishing himself as a starter -- or more accurately a core rotation piece, because who takes the first snap is less important in today's NFL -- and help the Giants rebuild their tattered defensive reputation.