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NFL free agency 2016: Could Giants replace Prince Amukamara with Janoris Jenkins?

Would this actually qualify as an upgrade?

Janoris Jenkins
Janoris Jenkins
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have a decision to make when it comes to cornerback Prince Amukamara. How aggressively do they bid to keep the starting cornerback, one of their best defensive players, from leaving via free agency? Let's suppose Amukamara and the Giants don't agree on the 2011 first-round pick's worth. How do they replace him?

Could the answer be Los Angeles Rams' free agent cornerback Janoris Jenkins? The Rams other corner, Trumaine Johnson, can also be a free agent and may also be a viable target for the Giants. For today, though, let's focus on Jenkins

A 27-year-old four-year veteran, Jenkins has actually been more durable and a bit more of a playmaker than Amukamara. In his four seasons, Jenkins has played in 58 of 64 games with 10 interceptions, 48 passes defensed, and three forced fumbles. Amukamara has played in only 55 of a potential 80 regular season games in his career. In that time, he has seven interceptions, 45 passes defensed and three forced fumbles. Take this to mean whatever you will, or nothing at all if you choose, but Pro Football Reference gives Jenkins at Approximate Value of 27 for the 58 games he has played, and gives Amukamara an AV of only 18 for his 55 games.

There would seem to be no way Jenkins would leave the Rams to be the Giants' third corner. The Rams are also expected to have enough cap space to keep both Johnson and Jenkins if they choose to.

If Jenkins slips away from the Rams would you like to see him with the Giants as a replacement for, or perhaps an alternative to, Amukamara?