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New York Giants Super Bowl moments: No. 7 -- Phil Simms' record-setting day

Simms' accuracy record still stands.

Phil Simms in Super Bowl XXI
Phil Simms in Super Bowl XXI
George Rose/Getty Images

Number 7 on our list of the top 10 New York Giants Super Bowl moments isn't really a moment at all. It is a performance, perhaps the greatest performance ever by a quarterback in a Super Bowl game.

No. 7 -- Phil Simms goes 22-of-25 vs. Broncos

Super Bowl XXI, Jan. 25, 1987 -- How good was Simms that day against the Denver Broncos? His 22-of-25 performance still stands as the best completion percentage (88 percent) ever by a quarterback with more than 20 passes in a Super Bowl game. Simms had three touchdown passes as the Giants routed the Broncos, 39-20. "This might be the best game a quarterback has ever played," Giants head coach Bill Parcells said. Even when Mark Bavaro dropped a touchdown pass it fell into the hands of Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey.

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