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POLL: Will the 8-4 New York Giants make the playoffs?

Let's see how confident you are

I am a little bit asking this week, but it is time to test your confidence. Will the 8-4 New York Giants make the playoffs?

After Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh, and with the news that Jason Pierre-Paul is out for the remainder of the regular season, that is a tougher question to answer than it might have been a week ago when the Giants were riding a six-game winning streak. The last time I asked you this was two weeks ago, and 83 percent (1,728) of 2,077 voters thought the Giants would make it.

Football Outsiders puts the Giants’ odds of qualifying for the postseason at 73.5 percent. FiveThirtyEight has the Giants with a 65 percent chance of making the playoffs.

How about you? Has your confidence been shaken by Sunday’s loss? By the Giants’ difficult upcoming schedule? By the fact that the Giants would lose head-to-head tie-breakers with the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers? By the Giants having to go on the road vs. NFC East teams in their final two games?

Vote in the poll.