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Steelers 14, Giants 0: Ugly first half for the Giants

Second half open thread

NFL: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Every demon that has plagued the New York Giants‘ offense through their first 11 game reared its ugly head in the first half of this game.

Penalties, miscomunications, poor execution, and predictable play calling were a whole collection of millstones around the Giants’ neck.

A questionable holding call on Ereck Flowers in the end zone turned what would have been an Odell Beckham first down into a safety. An Eli Manning interception when 11 year veteran linebacker Lawerence Timmons made the fairly obvious decision to jump Larry Donnell’s route when the Giants brought him on in the red zone. That play lead to an Antonio Brown touchdown, though Pittsburgh failed on the two point conversion.

Overall the Giants’ defense held up well, though how well they will continue to play is in question with injuries to Johnathan Hankins and Jason Pierre-Paul. The Steelers have relied heavily on screen passes to slow down the Giants pass rush as their has been solid down the field.

All told the Giants are only down by 14 points when they get the ball to start the second half. Will they be able to button their play down and make a game of it?