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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 17: New York Giants slide to No. 8

Who really cares? What matters is the Giants are in the playoffs

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New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The New York Giants have qualified for their first playoff appearance since 2011. Laat week’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, though, left a bad taste in the mouth’s of those who compile NFL power rankings as the Giants have dropped a spot to No. 8 in the aggregated power rankings for Week 17.

Here is a look at the 10 rankings used to come up with this week’s aggregate position.

SB Nation (No. 7) | LW: 7

The Washington Post (No. 9) | LW: 4

The Giants will have nothing at stake in terms of their postseason seed when they play the Redskins on Sunday at FedEx Field. But if they do opt to put QB Eli Manning, WR Odell Beckham Jr. and the other offensive starters on the field for at least a little bit, it might serve them well if they could get something positive going on that side of the football heading into the playoffs. (No. 9) | LW: 7

Well, that blew. No, not Big Blue. The Thursday night game. Tell you what: If the Giants are going to do anything -- anything -- in the postseason, they are going to have to establish some semblance of a ground game. Eli Manning dropped back so many times his Fitbit overheated -- 63 attempts. Interestingly enough, the 2011 title team couldn't run a lick, either. But, but, but the air attack was precisely that -- an attack, ranked fifth in the league with Manning as hot as they come. Now, he is anything but.

CBS Sports (No. 9) | LW: 6

That was not a good showing against the Eagles. They can't go into the postseason with two straight losses. This week's game is big.

ESPN (No. 9) | LW: 8

The Giants haven't scored 20 points in four straight games, and they've committed eight turnovers in that stretch. The defense has allowed the third-fewest points this season, but the offense has to get going for the Giants to make a playoff run. They play at Washington in Week 17.

Yahoo! Sports (No. 8) | LW: 8

Since Week 1, the only true road game the Giants have won was against the Browns. Seems relevant, as everyone is talking themselves into the Giants making the Super Bowl based on things that happened in 2007 and 2011.

FOX Sports (No. 5) | LW: 3

It’s hard to figure out what to expect with the New York Giants. They go out and get huge wins against the Dallas Cowboys for the second time this season. They then knock off the NFC North leading Detroit Lions. In those two games they surrendered just 13 points thanks to their suffocating defense.

That point total was surpassed in about seven minutes on Thursday Night Football as they allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to improve to 6-9 on the season. The problem though wasn’t the guys on defense, but rather another inept performance from quarterback Eli Manning. The interception king of the NFC East threw 63 passes and completed just 38 of those.

He did have one touchdown, but threw three interceptions. His multi-interception games have become quite the norm and it’s becoming harder and harder for his team to mask his mistakes. Going into the game they still had a chance at the NFC East title and home field advantage.

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 8) | LW: 4

Take your nose out of that big laminated play card, Ben McAdoo.

You’ll notice teams like the Eagles are sitting two safeties way back—and sometimes a third safety or cornerback over the middle—to shade Odell Beckham Jr. And you might want to take the gimme eight rushing yards those looks offer up.

No? You’d rather take 63 pass attempts from Eli Manning? Good luck with that.

Pro Football Focus (No. 8) | LW: NA

USA Today (No. 8) | LW: 6

As dominant as he can be, dare we ask if Odell Beckham will be able to keep his emotions under control inside playoff pressure cooker?