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Monday Night Football: Panthers can help Giants with win over Washington

Redskins still have chance of catching Giants

San Diego Chargers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

New York Giants’ fans root against the Washington Redskins as a matter of course, it is simply normal. Same goes for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. Monday night, though, Giants fans have added incentive to hope the Carolina Panthers knock off Washington Monday Night Football (8:30 p.m. ET/ESPN).

If Washington loses, that will be another domino to fall in the Giants’ path to the playoffs. A loss to Carolina and the Redskins won’t be eliminated from the wild-card race. They will, however, be out of the Giants’ hair, unable to match New York’s 10 victories.

If the Redskins win, the Giants will have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Otherwise, it will remain possible that the Week 17 game in Washington could have a playoff berth riding on it.

So, use this as your open thread and hope that Cam Newton and the Panthers, 5-8 and with little to play for, decide they would like to play hard this evening in an effort to spoil Washington’s playoff hopes.