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Giants post-game quotebook: “The breakout game is coming soon”

The Giants win again, but they still aren’t satisfied.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants now have ten wins in a season which would be the first since the 2010 season. However, while the defense has been phenomenal, the offensive play has struggled again. With the team on the verge of a playoff spot, they look to reflect on their 17-6 win over the Detroit Lions.

Odell Beckham Jr: “The breakout game is coming soon.”

Odell Beckham Jr. had another productive week with 60 yards and another touchdown. However, even after scoring only 17 points, he is still confident the offense will finally be let loose this season.

“I feel like we left some meat on the bone,” Beckham said. “The breakout game is coming soon. I have to do a better job of keeping myself under control knowing that everyone is watching. Knowing that guys on my team are watching and looking at me. I have to make sure that I’m giving off the right energy and that I’m not giving off any bad energy. Just finding ways for all of us to grow. We have to continue to get better.”

Beckham further explains the reason why the offense has not been clicking this season.

“Execution,” he said. “It’s that simple. It’s just execution. Whatever the play call is, just execute that. More explosive plays, better play calling, better execution just as far as on our end, making sure we do everything.”

In typical Beckham fashion, his touchdown came with another one handed catch. At this point, it cannot be said enough of his skill with using only one hand.

“I practice it and it just kind of happened,” Beckham said. “It’s always an instinctual thing. The biggest thing for me was the corner route, Eli dropped a dime. It was the first time I caught a ball over the shoulder. I just felt comfortable catching it over the shoulder. We’re making the right strides and getting the right protection. It’s just a matter of continuing to keep getting better each and every week. Finding ways to be more effective each and every time the offense steps on the field.”

Eli Manning: “I am confident in every series”

Manning rebounded well from last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. He spoke to the adjustment’s he made in order to score enough to win.

“ Yeah, I am confident in every series, so I thought today was good,” Manning said. “We had a lot of completions, we were taking check downs, hitting the tight ends underneath, hitting the backs underneath, just getting positive yards. The defense wanted to play two shell and give us the underneath stuff, then we just have to take it. You can sit there and hold it and wait for things to possibly open down the field, but hey, let’s just take completions, move the ball, give ourselves the opportunity to get some long drives and just understand that that might be our style of play.”

Naturally, Manning came out impressed with the catch Beckham was able to make on his touchdown.

“Yeah, it was a great catch,” he said. “One handed, that is what he can do, so that is not uncommon, but a great job going down and making that catch. It was a huge play. Getting seven points right there was obviously big, making it a two-score game, so he made some big time plays for us today and it was good to get the touchdown right there.”

What also helped the offense was the presence of the running game who was able to earn 100 yards on the ground. Manning spoke to the importance of the improved running game.

“Yeah, I thought that was big, especially the way we started the game rushing it well – on that first series we mixed in the run with the pass, got some third down conversions, a lot of third and threes, third and fours, which were very manageable against a good defensive line and getting that touchdown. Taking the ball, winning the toss and taking the ball down and scoring a touchdown versus a good defense was big for our offense and for the team.”

Landon Collins: “We didn’t know it would come together like this”

On the defensive side of the ball, it appears that Landon Collins has emerged as one of the unit’s leaders. With his torrid play this season, Landon is proving to be quite a weapon for the Giants defense. Collins spoke on his massive improvement form his rookie year.

“My huge leap has been knowing the defense,” Collins said. “Knowing what I’m supposed to do in my second year going into the defense and just knowing key details and key assignments. Knowing everybody needs help and knowing where the defense needs help in general and just playing great ball.”

Jerry Reese went on a spending spree on the defense this offseason, and even Landon Collins did not think it would come together on the level like this.

“No, we didn’t know it would come together like that but when we’re in the locker room, we’ve got to build the brotherhood fast and getting our guys so we can be on the same page when we’re on the field and when it all happened, we all just gelled and became as one. The defense was booming after that.”