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Reports: Giants to be fined for using a walkie-talkie

Giants avoid loss of draft pick for hand-held radio use

NFL: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the New York Giants will be fined for using a walkie-talkie when their communication system broke down during Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It doesn’t seem like much — the head coach being handed an NFL issued radio to communicate plays for “four or five plays” when his headset stopped working. However, NFL rules state that since the walkie-talkie doesn’t automatically disconnect when inside of 15 seconds on the play clock or after the ball is snapped, coaches cannot use them.

Though the Cowboys didn’t file a formal complaint, Schefter is also reporting that several officials in other organizations are upset that though the Giants didn’t take advantage of the extra 15 seconds of communication, they had the opportunity. Those same sources are reportedly upset that the Giants are getting off light.

The Giants could have had a draft pick taken away as punishment, but the league is taking into consideration the Giants’ relatively clean record regarding such violations. It is difficult to argue that the Giants received any kind of competitive advantage on a handful of plays in a drive that ended in a turnover.

Stay tuned for more on the situation as we get it.