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New York Giants’ news, 12/16: Odell Beckham not forgetting drops, more headlines

Giants news and notes for Friday morning

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Odell Beckham Jr.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Happy Friday, New York Giants’ fans! The work week is almost done and there are just a couple of days until your Giants host the Detroit Lions. Let’s check some of the stories making news today.

Odell Beckham Jr. not forgetting drops

Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made a game-altering 61-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. He also dropped two passes, one that likely would have been a touchdown. Beckham has had a hard time moving past his miscues.

“I have trouble just moving on. I’m pretty obsessive over, at least, that area of the game. It definitely bothers me, whenever I drop a pass. It sure won’t be the first and it sure won’t be the last,” Beckham said this week.

Beckham admitted that a thumb injury that has bothered him for several weeks has taken him out of his normal practice routine.

“It’s just tough,” he said. “It’s a line between wanting to get better and also trying to protect that thumb for right now because you can’t keep taking too much contact to it for right now until it’s game time. Just trying to find a way.”

Quinn: Jumping center is a “risk-reward” play

Jumping the center to block a field goal has become a popular ploy. Giants’ special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said Thursday that, yes, the Giants have players who can do it.

“Everyone on every team has somebody that can do it. You do run the risk of getting a 15-yard penalty or five-yard if you are in an illegal formation, so it is a risk-reward type of thing,” Quinn said on Thursday.

Casillas: Games are going to get bigger

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo spoke Thursday about hoping his group had yet to play its best football. Linebacker Jonathan Casillas, the team’s defensive captain, echoed the same sentiment.

“You can never be satisfied, you can never be content and every week gets bigger. We may not play a one-loss team this week, but it's a division leader and it means a lot when it comes to the playoffs,” Casillas said. “Every game is going to get bigger, whether the record of the team that we play against is one loss, two losses, three losses, whatever it is. The games are going to get bigger and this is the biggest game we have to date, is this one.”

Sullivan optimistic about Eli

Despite the recent struggles of Eli Manning, offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan remains optimistic about what is ahead for the Giants’ veteran quarterback.

“I think sometimes there may be coverage techniques that are played by the defenders that maybe move him from the first read to a second read, or to a third. Sometimes there may be instances where we don't quite have the precision that we'd like in the route itself and then other times, like all of us, prone to make mistakes and would like to have a few back and it really could be one of those matters that could come into play,” Sullivan said in trying to explain some recent poor throws. “I think he's someone that has a track record of being able to play high-quality, championship football in December and January and February and we're optimistic about where he's headed and what lies ahead for him with the rest of our season.”

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Giants-Jets doubleheader comes with old-school MetLife Stadium adjustment |

With an unprecedented quick turnaround from one game to the next, there will be no custom end zones this weekend. Instead of green end zones with the Jets' logo, or blue with the Giants' logo, the end zones will have a simple look, with white vertical slash marks over the grass/turf running the length of field.

Odell Beckham Jr. is the most exciting New York athlete in 50 years | Sports on Earth

I've only seen Jackie Robinson play baseball in old black-and-white footage. By the time I fell in love with baseball as a boy, Mantle and Mays were in their 30s, and Mays was in the process of playing out his prime at Candlestick Park; my most vivid memories of him were in the '62 World Series against Mantle and the Yankees. But everything I know about them tells me how exciting they were in the '50s and how there hasn't been a New York athlete as exciting since.

Until Odell Beckham Jr.

This is what I think about him: I don't just think he's the most exciting player in the NFL right now. I think he's the most exciting New York athlete in 50 years.

In case you missed it