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Giants’ Eli Manning: “I have to play better”

Quarterback knows he and the offense are missing opportunities

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Eli Manning is currently riding a streak of three straight games in which he has passed for less than 200 yards. He committed three turnovers last Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, two fumbles and an interception. The Cowboys had three other potential interceptions slip through their hands.

The New York Giants’ veteran quarterback knows that isn’t good enough.

“I have to play better. Got to find completions, got to protect the football better. That's what's got to happen in these type of games and you get into December, you got to protect the football. That's the most important thing right now,” Manning said on Tuesday.

“I want to play better. We just got to understand, hey, I know I can play well, I know I can make the plays and get hot. Just have to stand in there and make the plays. I'm going to keep working and go in every week confident that I can go out there and have a great game.”

Even with an offense that has yet to click this season the Giants are 9-4 and could clinch a playoff berth this weekend. If they are going to make the playoffs, and do anything once they get there, the Giants need better play from Manning and the offense as a whole.

“We've had good games; we've had explosive games. You watch the film and you see the opportunities, just had some unfortunate plays. Missed Odell on a go down the sidelines and next play I'm going to have a receiver open for another possible touchdown, ball slips out of the hand,” Manning said. “I had sack fumbles, had a guy jump a curl. Just some bad plays at critical moments that are easily fixable, we can easily reverse and make them. Would have had opportunities to score more points than we did the other night.”

We will see if Manning and the Giants can begin fixing those issues on Sunday against the Lions.