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8-bit Beckham, Odell breaks the game Tecmo Bowl style

A fun look at OBJ’s game-breaking touchdown

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Odell Beckham might have almost had 100 receiving yards and the game-winning touchdown Sunday night, he would be the first to say that he can do better. In fact, he does.

But as so often happens, when the New York Giants ‘ star receiver is good, he is very good. Beckham provided the offensive play of the game Sunday night when he caught a quick slant route over the middle, and slashed through the Dallas defense on his way to a 61 yard touchdown.

Youtube channel Tecmo Super Bowl had an 8-bit recreation of the play, hearkening back to the the early days of gaming (though more might recognize the graphics from current car commercials staring Bo Jackson).

So while Beckham might have left some on the field (including a touchdown that would have precluded an Eli Manning fumble and ultimately given the Giants a 10 point victory rather than just three points) we can at least watch this play and smile.