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Ernie Accorsi: Current Giants “in really good shape”

Former GM to be inducted into team’s Ring of Honor

NFL - 2006 Annual Meeting - March 29 - Orlando
Ernie Accorsi and Tom Coughlin 2006.
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Ernie Accorsi laid the foundation for the New York Giants 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl titles with his trade for Eli Manning and other personnel moves. What does Accorsi, who will enter the Giants’ Ring of Honor Monday night with Tom Coughlin and Justin Tuck, think of the current Giants?

“I think they have a lot of young, exciting players. I think they're really in good shape right now. They came through a period with some close games and clutch wins. I like the team and I think they have a chance to be really an explosive offense and obviously, the defense is much better,” Accorsi said Tuesday during a conference call. “I think with what they did on Sunday, the defense in particular, those are the kind of things that happen that take you to another level. To stop a team that kind of had gotten hot the second half and a quarterback that threw for a lot of yards, they just shut them down. There wasn't even a play, they didn't get close. I think they're going to be good, I like them.”

Here are some other takeaways from Accorsi’s call with reporters.

On what the induction means to him ...

“It's not something I ever really thought was possible. The Eagles trained in Hershey my whole life, so I kind of took that for granted as a kid and in those days, with six preseason games, Hershey had a stadium that seated 20,000 people. They played three or four preseason games a year there, so I saw the Giants when I was 10 years-old, in 1951, in a preseason game. To think that I could ever work for them was a pipe dream at that point. I've been around a million stadiums, and have seen those names there, and their immortal players and coaches, and to be up there with that kind of group of people is overwhelming, it's not something I ever dreamed.”

On the 2004 trade for Manning ...

“You make that trade, you do something like that, to win championships. That’s the only reason you make a trade like that, and you're in a position so many times that you have to get a get-by guy, or you have to wait and do the best you can and pick up people to stay competitive. But, the blessing for us, which was not a blessing when we went through it, was the 2003 season. If we wouldn't have gotten to the fourth spot (in the draft), God only knows what we would have had to give up to get up there. There were three quarterbacks up there, so we could have had a shot at one of the other ones besides Eli. If we didn't make the trade, I felt fairly confident that we would have been able to get Ben Roethlisberger, but you never know. When we picked Eli, we picked him to win championships. That's what you hope for and to see it happen, of course, just makes you feel great.”

On Tom Coughlin ...

“Tom Coughlin has been a winner every place he's coached and we felt he was the guy. I said this at his press conference when we hired him, he's the guy George Young wanted and he's the guy we wanted.

“He won two championships. ... It's nice to win every year, to be at the doorstep every year. The business is to win championships, he won two championships. That puts him in the Hall of Fame in my opinion. I don’t have a vote but he’s a Hall of Fame coach.”