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Giants vs. Eagles, Week 9: Giants will turn the tables on Philadelphia

Valentine’s View: Big Blue will finally defeat the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Black uniforms. Green uniforms. White uniforms. Whatever they have been wearing, the sight of the Philadelphia Eagles has been bad news for the New York Giants in recent years. The Giants have lost four straight and 13 of 16 games to the Eagles.

Predicting a Giant victory Sunday afternoon isn’t exactly like looking into the face of danger and laughing at it, but the concept is similar. You have to look at the mountain of evidence that tells you something ALWAYS goes wrong for the Giants against the Eagles and simply ignore it.

That’s not an easy thing to do because when you have watched those last 16 games expecting the worst for the Giants becomes ingrained. It is, however, what I am here to do.

I think the Giants will defeat the Eagles Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium.

Would I be shocked if the Giants, 2.5-point favorites at home, lay an egg? Or, if something unconscionably awful happens and the Giants lose a game it looks like they should win? Of course not. Like anyone else who pays attention to the Giants, I have seen that movie too many times. It has even played at least once this season.

Still, life is better if you try to have some optimism. You have to believe that the winds eventually shift, luck changes, losing streaks are snapped and playoff droughts are ended. Hey, if the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series anything can happen. That’s where I’m at with Giants-Eagles on Sunday afternoon.

I know the Giants’ offense has been, well, offensive. I know the Giants always lose to the Eagles. I know the matchup of the Eagles’ defensive front against the Giants’ offensive line has been giving you nightmares.

Sooner or later, the Giants’ fortunes against the Eagles will change. Why not Sunday afternoon?

The Giants’ defense has been getting better and better. The Eagles’ offense is led by a rookie quarterback, albeit a good one, with limited pass-catching weapons at his disposal. The Giants’ offense isn’t going to stink forever, there is too much talent there.

I have been fooled and disappointed by the Giants before, and I am sure I will be fooled and disappointed by them again. Maybe even Sunday afternoon. I am going out on a limb, though, and saying that the run of futility against the Eagles will come to end this afternoon.

Final score: Giants 27, Eagles 24