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Annie Apple accuses New York Giants of using Eli Apple in effort to “control” her

Mom of first-round pick “livid with the Giants”

NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

A “livid” Annie Apple, mother of New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple, torched the Giants organization in her most recent column for Sports Illustrated. Annie Apple not only once again blasted the Giants’ handling of the Josh Brown situation, but accused them of using Eli Apple “in an effort to control” her.

Here are the relevant sections of the SI post:

“I flew to London last Wednesday to watch a game that by Sunday no longer mattered to me. We went overseas to watch Black Eli back on the field as the Giants faced the Rams. But I never made it to Wembley. At that moment I just couldn’t cheer for a team I felt had turned its back on what was right to protect an image. It was difficult because I love my son and I’ve always been in his corner at every game, but for me, this was bigger than a game.”

And this:

“I was livid with the Giants, not just because of John Mara’s comments but I was disappointed in the organization because I felt they were leaning heavily on a 21-year-old kid in an effort to control what his mother says. That’s not fair. ... When Black Eli got drafted, everyone raved about what a great organization the Giants are. I was proud. I wanted my then 20-year-old son to go to a team that would help him grow not just his talents, but as a man and person. I believed the hype. I even drank the sugar-free blueberry Kool-Aid. By Friday in London, I was spitting it up.”