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Giants-Browns ticket prices: Fans can attend for less than the price of a MetLife beer

Tickets start at $7

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Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Giants (7-3) meet the Cleveland Browns (0-11) this Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, and fans can attend for less than a beer costs at MetLife Stadium. Available tickets range from $7 to $255.

The Browns aren’t exactly a hot ticket, and for obvious reasons. Besides the fact they’ve yet to win a football game, sports fans have the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers and American League champion Cleveland Indians to distract them from football purgatory.

The Browns are 18th in the NFL in home attendance, bringing in an average of 67,431 fans per game. Maximum seating capacity at FirstEnergy is 73,200. The Giants are the biggest road draw in the league, according to ESPN, helping pull in over 78,000 fans away from MetLife.

Big Blue’s drawing power notwithstanding, we’re still talking about the Browns. They’re practically giving tickets away and there’s plenty of opportunity for interested Giants’ fans to make the trip to Cleveland.