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NFL power rankings, Week 12: New York Giants No. 7 in aggregated rankings

Big Blue moves up to spots

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NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants
The Giants have had a lot to celebrate lately.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A five-game winning streak has the New York Giants at 7-3, one more victory than they had in each of the last two full seasons. The streak has also pushed them to their high-water mark in 2016 NFL power rankings. The Giants are No. 7 overall using the combined rankings of the 10 sites listed below.

The Giants were No. 9 a week ago. Let’s check the rankings, and see what is being said about the Giants.

SB Nation (No. 5) | LW: 6

CBS Sports (No. 6) | LW: 7

They've won five straight games. But how good are they? They should make it six against Cleveland.

Washington Post (No. 6) | LW: 8

The Giants did some sleepwalking but did what was necessary to beat the Bears. Up next, they get a pseudo-bye week, playing at Cleveland this weekend, before things get serious again. (No. 5) | LW: 7

Encouraging signs from the Giants Sunday despite the slow start. First, Landon Collins is the real deal. Can he get some NFL Defensive Player of the Year burn (along with Marcus Peters)? Secondly, the ground game was not just a theoretical concept, with 102 yards against a run defense that had been playing well. Then there was rookie Sterling Shepard, who outproduced the player who needs no more hype, with five receptions for 50 yards and a tug.

ESPN (No. 6) | LW: 16

Have the Giants ever fallen this far under the radar? They have the second-longest active win streak in the NFL (5 games, tied with the Dolphins) and have a great chance to extend the streak this week against the winless Browns.

Yahoo! Sports (No. 10) | LW: 11

This isn’t Eli Manning’s best work. His touchdown rate, yards per attempt and passer rating are significantly down from the last two seasons, and his interception rate is up. You can’t even justify hyping the Giants by assuming Manning will carry them. He’s been OK, but not great. Kind of like the Giants as a whole.

USA Today (No. 10) | LW: 9

One reason they've been able to string five wins together? Revamped defense hasn't allowed 100 rushing yards in any of those outings.

Pro Football Focus (No. 10) | LW: NA

FOX Sports (No. 7) | LW: 8

Somehow, some way the Giants just keep on winning. They finally got on the positive side in point differential (plus-4) thanks to their victory over the Bears, despite the fact that Chicago had a good chance of beating New York on Sunday. The defense is making up for the offense’s inefficiency by creating turnovers and sacking the quarterback. Eli Manning needs to protect the ball better, and the running game has to improve.

Bleacher Report — Simms (No. 5) | LW: 7

The New York Giants have found their identity.

Big Blue isn’t a blow-you-out kind of squad. It wins behind a power running game and a few crucial Eli Manning throws—especially on fourth down.

Both of those criteria were met in Week 11. Rashad Jennings (85 yards on 21 carries) looks like a brand-new ball-carrier. Meanwhile, coach Ben McAdoo rolled the dice on fourth down and found Sterling Shepard again for an early but crucial conversion.

Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon took over in the second half, squashing any Chicago comeback hopes. This is a top-tier NFC team when the pass rush and running game get going.