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Post-game quotebook: Giants react to 22-16 victory over Chicago

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What players were saying after their fifth straight victory

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Johnathan Hankins reacts to a missed Chicago field goal.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The New York Giants are the owners of a five-game winning streak after Sunday’s 22-16 victory over the Chicago Bears. Let’s see what some of the players were saying after the game about the win, and the streak.

Eli Manning

On the two fourth-down conversions ...

“Fourth-down, we kind of knew going into this game- even McAdoo, before the game, told me, ‘Expect that if we get into around the 30-yard line or so that we’ll be going for it on fourth down some because it’s going to be tough possibly kicking field goals with the wind.’ We kind of had that mindset that if we can get into fourth and manageable situations, we might go for it on a few of them. Obviously the first one was huge, hitting Sterling Shepard on a crossing route which led to a touchdown. The next one we just got a field goal off of but whatever the situation, guys don’t get nervous, they get excited about the opportunity to continue the drive.”

On the position they are in after five straight victories ...

“7-3, we’ll take it. The NFC East is tough. Obviously we know we’re behind Dallas still and Washington and Philly are playing good football and have a lot of wins. We can’t get comfortable. We’ve got to keep getting better so there’s still lots of room for improvement. We’ve got to score more points offensively but no turnovers today, so that’s a positive. It wasn’t the most ideal conditions to have a big day offensively, but we ran the ball over 100 yards, threw the ball efficiently enough, and had a nice game plan. Guys played smart and played good football.”

Rashad Jennings praising the Giants’ offensive line ...

“They are playing together. When you are able to say no penetration, I feel like – I think anyone can say that across the league. If you don’t have penetration, then it is really your job to find out how to get some ugly yards and our offensive line kept going, kept dropping their feet and we were able to make a couple big runs. That is a testament to them.”

Victor Cruz ...

On winning five straight ...

“We’ll take it. We’ll take it as it comes. We’re continuing to rally these victories and continuing to build on them. With every victory, with every week, we’re getting stronger as a team. That’s what you want to see. That’s how you want to continue to progress as the meat of the season comes. As it starts to get cold, that’s when the real football starts to kick in.”

On the feeling in the locker room ...

“Obviously, I do believe that we have a championship-type atmosphere in this locker room. Defensively, you can see it. Those guys are playing lights out. Offensively, we just want to continue to do what we’re doing. I think we have the tools to get to that game. We just have to take it one game at a time and continue to stack these W’s.”

Olivier Vernon on the second half ...

“Nobody wants to start slow and our halftime adjustments – coaches made some good halftime adjustments and that was it. All we had to do was stick to our game plan. They weren’t doing anything different that we had never seen on film. That was just on us and we have to start faster.”


  • With the victory, the Giants concluded a 3-0 home stand. This is the first time the Giants won three games at home in consecutive weeks since Oct 21-Nov 4, 1962, when they beat Detroit, Washington, and the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • The Giants were the 127th team since 1990 to play at least three consecutive home games, and the 29th to go 3-0.
  • Jennings’ 21 rushing attempts were a season-high.
  • The Giants, with seven victories, have exceeded their win total from each of the past two seasons with six games yet to play.