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Giants vs. Bengals: Numbers, stats, facts to keep in mind

A deep dive into numbers that might impact Monday’s game

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Odell Beckham
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Let’s look at a few numbers to keep in mind when the New York Giants face the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night.

  • Odell Beckham Jr. has eight multi-touchdown games in his career. He needs one more to tie Homer Jones and Joe Morris, who each have nine, for most multi-touchdown games in Giants history.
  • The Giants pass rush has been much-maligned. Monday, though, they look for their fourth straight game with at least two sacks.
  • Bengals’ wide receiver A.J. Green has averaged 15.2 All Purpose Yards per Touch (896 APY / 59 Touches) this season (NFL Rank: 2nd of 44 Qualified WRs; League Avg: 12.1)
  • A.J. Green has been targeted 11.0 times per game (88/8) this season (NFL Rank: 2nd of 48 Qualified WRs; League Avg: 4.9)
  • The Giants have thrown the ball 71.2 percent of the time (84 Pass Attempts/118 Plays) on plays starting between the opposing 21 and 50-yard lines this season (NFL Rank: 1st of 32; League Avg: 58.0 percent)
  • The Giants have run 75.3 percent of plays (368 / 489) from the shotgun this season (NFL Rank: 5th of 32; League Avg: 60.9 percent)
  • Manning has completed 73.4 percent of passes (80 Completions/109 Attempts) on 1st down this season (NFL Rank: 1st of 34 Qualified QBs; League Avg: 64.3%)
  • Manning has averaged 40.5 Pass Attempts per Sack (81 Pass Attempts/2 Sacks) on 3rd down this season (NFL Rank: 1st of 32 Qualified QBs; League Avg: 10.7)
  • The Giants defense has averaged a sack every 32.1 pass attempts (353 Pass Attempts/11 Sacks) this season (NFL Rank: 32nd of 32; League Avg: 16.4)
  • The Giants and Bengals have played nine times, with the Bengals leading the series, 6-3. The home team has won every game.

(SOURCES: Inside Edge — @IE_NFL — and the Giants PR Dept.)