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New York Giants news, 10/7: Green Bay run defense gets Giants’ attention

Darkwa says “How is that possible” of 1.8 yards per carry average

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers
The Packers have been almost impossible to run against in their first three games.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers’ defense is giving up a league-best 1.8 yards per rushing attempt and just 42.7 yards per game. New York Giants’ running back Orleans Darkwa is still trying to digest those numbers.

“When you see the numbers, it is like, ‘How is that possible?’ ” said Darkwa, who led the Giants with 48 rushing yards Monday against the Minnesota Vikings. “They are really good up front. They have an exceptional D-line (with tackle) Mike Daniels leading the charge. They are pretty big up front and their linebackers are young, but they play like veterans. It seems like they fit the gaps well and their safeties come downhill, so they are not afraid to hit, their secondary is not afraid to hit. Nothing jumps out on paper, it just seems like they do things fundamentally well.”

Guard Justin Pugh called the Packers’ stats vs. the run “eye-opening.”

“They do some good things, so hats off to them,” Push said of the Packers. “But our job is to go out there and move the ball and do some good things. I think we will be able to attack them in different ways then the other teams have. A lot of those other teams line up in heavy packages and run at them. Obviously, we are a little bit more quick and no huddle, so it is something different for them. The bar has not been set very high against this defense, so obviously we have to go out there and we have to do our job. I think we have to execute at a high level. They have been good, so we have our work cut out for us.”

Eli Apple still uncertain for Sunday

Eli Apple is back to practice, but the rookie cornerback is not sure he will be able to play Sunday night against Green Bay.

“If I’m able to do everything (Friday at practice), then we’ll see,” he said.

Apple was asked about the impact of the injuries in the secondary.

“it’s tough, but when it’s three guys out there and you’ve been practicing and you got the communication down and somebody gets hurt, you have to put somebody else in. Some of that stuff messes you up a little bit, and some people have to play positions they’ve never played before, but that to me is life. What happened last week is that guys played positions they weren’t used to and that’s tough, that’s probably one of the hardest things,” Apple said. “Once we get everybody fully back to power, it’ll be pretty good. That’s what we’re hunting for.”

Rashad Jennings to return?

Veteran running back Rashad Jennings has missed two games with a left thumb injury. On Thursday, he sounded like he expects to play Sunday night.

“I am excited, man. I have been back here champing at the bit,” Jennings said. “It is never a fun thing to watch the game from the sideline when you know that you can be out there contributing to the team and helping us win, so I am excited.”

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