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POLL: Do you believe the 2-2 New York Giants are a playoff team?

It's time to test your confidence.

It’s time for our weekly New York Giants fan confidence poll. Coming off two straight losses and facing a tough road game against the Green Bay Packers, do you believe the 2016 Giants will end the season as a playoff team?

When the Giants were 2-0, 92 percent of those who voted said the Giants would make the playoffs. After a Week 3 loss to the Washington Redskins, that dipped to 59 percent.

What will it be this time around?

For what it’s worth FiveThirtyEight gives the Giants only a 24 percent chance of winning Sunday and a 21 percent chance of making the playoffs. Team Rankings offers pretty much the same projection, giving the Giants a 21.9 percent shot at making the playoffs.

Do you still have faith, Giants fans? Or, at the season’s quarter-pole have you already turned your attention to the 2017 NFL Draft? Vote in the poll and let us know.